Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I change to grid view?

You can do that on the “Profile” tab, in the “TV GUIDE” section, select “View”, then you can customise how your TV guide looks.

How do I update my channel list?

You can choose which channels you’d like to display in your TV guide. In the “Profile” tab, under “TV GUIDE” section, select “Channels”, then choose which channels you want to see in the TV guide. We are also working on a feature to allow you to order the channels as you wish.

How to I find movies to watch?

You can do that on the “Explore” tab, scroll to the bottom, you will notice a list of categories, click on the “Movie” category. All the movies in the TV guide are displayed in a list format.

Can I have notifications and reminders?

Yes, you just need to ensure notifications are enabled in the app and the app has permissions to receive notifications.

Can I remove ads from the app?

Yes, we plan to offer an in-app purchase that will remove all ads from the application.

Do I need an account to use the app?

No, you can use the app without an account.

Why would I need an account?

In the future, we plan to offer this app for both iOS and Android devices. The account helps us to deliver the same user experience on all devices. To register, you only need name, email and password.

What is IceTV?

For more information on IceTV, please visit We integrate with IceTV to allow you to manage your scheduled recordings.

I have a problem with the app, can you help?

Yes! Please contact us.